Intense Power Solutions, LLC

Intense Power Solutions, LLC. is a US manufacturer of sheet metal and services a broad range of specialty electrical distribution products such as: panel boards and switchboards. Intense Power Solutions is dedicated to integrating technology with sheet metal products to develop innovative solutions for planners, engineers, municipalities and end-users.

Headquartered in Fullerton, CA, a northern Orange County city, Intense Power Solutions is a small business with a warehouse and production facility to provide customers quick turnaround on their orders. Easily accessible to all Southern California and Western US customers to fulfill urgent project needs, we know processing and receiving times are important for our customers. 

Intense Power Solutions has vast capabilities including, but not limited to: sheet metal design, panel board design, aluminum, steel, copper, galvanized, plating, shearing, custom electrical switchboards, and welding abilities. The range of solutions that I.P.S has to offer has been put to use in multiple industries.